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Elected Officials Recognized: At Tuesday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting, Mayor Newberry administered the oath of office to aldermen recently elected to serve their wards for the next two years. Following the certification of election results, David Ridgely (Ward 3), Pat Thompson (Ward 1), and Johnnie Franzeskos (Ward 2) took the oath and began their service by addressing new business. Later in the meeting, outgoing alderman Sherry Jackson (Ward 2) was recognized for her time on the board by Mayor Newberry, other aldermen, and members of the city staff.


Write-in Newberry to be new mayor

 Wednesday morning update, as promised:

In unofficial totals with 100 percent of precincts reporting, write-in candidate Dennis Newberry is the new mayor of Lake Ozark.

He won with 241 votes to 107 for incumbent Gerry Murawski and 99 for former mayor Johnnie Franzeskos. Newberry received 229 votes in Miller County and 12 in Camden County; Murawski received 103 Miller County votes and 4 in Camden County; Franzeskos received 97 votes in Miller County and 2 in Camden County.

There were 447 votes cast for mayor.

Lake Ozark will also have two new aldermen.

Former alderman Dale Hicks defeated incumbent Larry Giampa 93-77 in Ward 2, and challenger Matthew Wright defeated incumbent Vernon Jaycox 56-34 in Ward 3.

Judy Neels, who was unopposed in Ward 1, received 127 votes.

All elected candidates will be sworn in at the April 13 regular board of aldermen meeting after the Camden and Miller counties clerks cavass and certify the vote totals. 


Term extensions

Both issues to extend aldermen terms and the term for mayor from two years to four years failed. 

The issue to extend the terms of aldermen was defeated 286 no votes to 172 yes votes.

The question of extending the term of mayor was defeated 279 to 17.

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