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State of the City Well-Attended: Over 40 Lake Ozark residents, business owners, and other stakeholders attended  or tuned in via Zoom for the inaugural State of the City event held on January 23rd in the Council Chambers at Lake Ozark City Hall. Throughout the 45-minute presentation, both Mayor Newberry and City Administrator Fry highlighted progress made within the City over the course of 2023 and identified goals that will be accomplished throughout 2024 as well.  “We’ve talked quite a bit today about the state of the city as a business and some of the directions we are moving; I hope everyone can see that the state of the city in this regard is very positive.  That said, the City is here to do more than repair roads and be a good steward of tax dollars.  We’re here to be represent you and to be your government. This is not a City trying to deny people of information, their voice, or the chance to participate.  Whether those opinions support or are opposed to my beliefs or the opinions of the Board, we will never have the chance to do our job the right way until you do yours the same.”, said Mayor Newberry.   “I want you to have every opportunity to know this is your government, and know that that is now in place. As a resident who spent many years not having faith or trust in Lake Ozark’s present or future, I’m proud to say that we now have a city I believe in.” During the presentation, a review of new community investments, infrastructure projects, and the financial and policy direction of the City were discussed.   Those who were unable to attend the event can view presentation materials at this link. It is anticipated that the event will return annually in the future.


Changing of the guard in Lake Ozark

About two dozen spectators witnessed the changing of the guard as Dennis Newberry took the oath office as mayor of Lake Ozark during Tuesday night’s regular board of aldermen meeting.

Also sworn in were Ward 1 Alderman Judy Neels who was re-elected to her ward, and newly elected Ward 3 Alderman Matt Wright. Dale Hicks, also newly elected, was present via Zoom and will be sworn in at a later meeting.

Newberry defeated incumbent mayor Gerry Murawski in April 6 voting. Neels was unopposed, Wright defeated incumbent Vernon Jaycox and Hicks unseated incumbent Larry Giampa.

Administering the oath of office was City Clerk Kathy Vance.