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State of the City Well-Attended: Over 40 Lake Ozark residents, business owners, and other stakeholders attended  or tuned in via Zoom for the inaugural State of the City event held on January 23rd in the Council Chambers at Lake Ozark City Hall. Throughout the 45-minute presentation, both Mayor Newberry and City Administrator Fry highlighted progress made within the City over the course of 2023 and identified goals that will be accomplished throughout 2024 as well.  “We’ve talked quite a bit today about the state of the city as a business and some of the directions we are moving; I hope everyone can see that the state of the city in this regard is very positive.  That said, the City is here to do more than repair roads and be a good steward of tax dollars.  We’re here to be represent you and to be your government. This is not a City trying to deny people of information, their voice, or the chance to participate.  Whether those opinions support or are opposed to my beliefs or the opinions of the Board, we will never have the chance to do our job the right way until you do yours the same.”, said Mayor Newberry.   “I want you to have every opportunity to know this is your government, and know that that is now in place. As a resident who spent many years not having faith or trust in Lake Ozark’s present or future, I’m proud to say that we now have a city I believe in.” During the presentation, a review of new community investments, infrastructure projects, and the financial and policy direction of the City were discussed.   Those who were unable to attend the event can view presentation materials at this link. It is anticipated that the event will return annually in the future.


Mitchem Appointed City Administrator

At the October 26, 2021 City of Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen meeting, Mr. David Mitchem was appointed to serve as Lake Ozark’s next City Administrator.  The Board’s unanimous support comes after a months-long hiring process that attracted qualified candidates from around the nation, an interview process overseen by local residents and business leaders, and the opportunity to meet with the Board to discuss his role with the city moving forward.


Mr.  Mitchem comes to Lake Ozark with a strong resume showing a history of success in the private and public sectors, as well as educational experiences that will serve him well in Lake Ozark.  Having received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Lincoln University, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri at Columbia, Mitchem has spent much of his career working for and leading state agencies.  He served as the Director of the Colorado Division of Labor, the Deputy Director and Chief Operations Officer for the Missouri Department of Economic Development, and was the Executive Director for the Missouri Training and Employment Council.


He also brings prior experience in local government with him to Lake Ozark.  He worked as Pagosa Springs, Colorado’s Town Manager for several years, where he was able to guide the tourist community through the construction of a $6.8 million infrastructure expansion project. In his tenure with the community, Pagosa Springs saw a growth in tourism and attracted a diverse group of new businesses to invest locally.


About Lake Ozark’s future with Mitchem at the table, Mayor Dennis Newberry says, “The City of Lake Ozark is in a very fortunate economic position.  Post-COVID, our revenues are at an all-time high, and we will continue with this momentum.  With David Mitchem on board as our new City Administrator, and Harrison Fry continuing as our Assistant City Administrator, I am confident their collaboration will harness this momentum into achieving much needed infrastructure improvements and help guide us confidently into the future.”


When asked about his future as City Administrator, Mitchem offers, “I am looking forward to working in partnership with the talented team at Lake Ozark.  Given the strong Board of Aldermen and skilled staff, the next few years will be exciting and productive.”


David Mitchem will begin his service to the City of Lake Ozark on November 15.