Joint Sewer Board

The City of Lake Ozark shares a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with the City of Osage Beach. The Lake Ozark/Osage Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on the Osage River in Miller County. The WWTP is operated by a private company, Alliance Water Resources, and both cities share in the cost of the facility proportionately based on flow.

The Lake Ozark/Osage Beach Joint Sewer Board administers the structure, processes, equipment, and arrangements necessary to treat and discharge wastewater at the WWTP.

Note: Support Staff are non-voting members.

Committee Members

Lake Ozark


Dennis Newberry

City Administrator

Harrison Fry

Alderman Ward I

Pat Thompson

Public Works Director

Matt Michalik

Clerk -- Support Staff

Robin Craig

Osage Beach

Vice Chairman

Michael Harmison

City Administrator

Jeana Woods


Kevin Rucker

City Treasurer -- Support Staff

Kari Bell


Gary Hamner

Public Works Operations Manager

Kevin Crooks