Utility Providers

Water – City of Lake Ozark, (573) 365-5378

Sewer – City of Lake Ozark, (573)-365-5378

Solid Waste – Waste Corp of America (WCA), (800) 358-7274

Electric – Ameren Missouri, (314) 554-2375

Natural Gas – Summit Natural Gas, (573) 317-7112


  • AT&T, 1-844-433-0113
  • Spectrum, (855) 892-2072

Cable Service – Spectrum, (855) 243-8892

Zoning Districts

The City of Lake Ozark is divided into 11 zoning districts which are designated as follows:

R-1 Residential — Low Density District
R-1A Residential — High Density Single-Family Conditional Use Overly District
R-2 Residential — Two-Family Dwelling District
R-3 Multi-Family Dwelling District
M-P Manufactured Home Park Residential District
C-1 Central Commercial District
C-2 General Commercial District
LFMU Lake Front Mixed-Use District
CR-3 Mixed-Use High-Density District
M-1 Light Industrial District
PUD Planned Unit Development District

Street Inventory

Lake Ozark Street Inventory

City Limits

The City of Lake Ozark covers 252.24 square miles nestled along the edge of the Lake of the Ozarks from the 0 Mile Mark (Bagnell Dam) to about the 2 Mile Mark on the North Shore to about the 1 Mile Mark on the south side of the lake.