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Boren Appointed Police Chief: In a special meeting held yesterday, the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen formally appointed James Boren to serve as the City's next Police Chief.   James began his employment with the City of Lake Ozark 19 years ago as a dispatcher, and was sponsored by the City to attend the Police Academy. 17 years ago, he began his career as a police officer in Lake Ozark, climbing through the ranks of Corporal, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Lieutenant, and most recently as Interim Police Chief.   Regarding his new role, Chief Boren stated, "My goal for this department is to lead it with integrity and best serve the needs of our unique community. We will continue to strive for perfection, knowing it takes work from all of us, but I'm honored and thrilled to be able to lead this department in that direction."

Micropaving Project Underway

Over thepast two weeks, residents may have noticed workers from Vance Brothers Construction applying slurry seal and micropaving treatments to roads within their neighborhoods.
This project is intended to provide a new driving surface for roadways throughout the community, and will extend the life of these roads for several years. This treatment is typically applied on lower-traffic residential streets.
Funded by a mix of funds received through a local ARPA allocation and the use tax reserve approved by voters in 2020, roadways were selected based on a current state of low to moderate distress and minimal cracking.

As the 2023 micropaving project continues, city staff would like to advise members of the public living or driving on the streets being treated that they should wait until contractors remove “road closed” signs before attempting to use drive lanes.  Sharp turns of wheels from a stopped position, like you may perform when backing out of a driveway, can have a great impact on road surfaces that have not yet cured.

As city staff and the project contractor continue to move forward with this project, we ask that any personal property damages that may occur, or inconsistencies in road surfacing, be shared with Public Works Director Michalik by email at  

Staff has been made aware of a number of small areas that need to be revisited, as well as larger stretches of Arrowhead Drive and Cherry Hill Lane.  The contractor has provided assurance these issues will be resolved.