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Boren Appointed Police Chief: In a special meeting held yesterday, the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen formally appointed James Boren to serve as the City's next Police Chief.   James began his employment with the City of Lake Ozark 19 years ago as a dispatcher, and was sponsored by the City to attend the Police Academy. 17 years ago, he began his career as a police officer in Lake Ozark, climbing through the ranks of Corporal, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Lieutenant, and most recently as Interim Police Chief.   Regarding his new role, Chief Boren stated, "My goal for this department is to lead it with integrity and best serve the needs of our unique community. We will continue to strive for perfection, knowing it takes work from all of us, but I'm honored and thrilled to be able to lead this department in that direction."

There are reasons for the rules

The City of Lake Ozark has seen significant growth in the last few years – especially the last year – and for that we’re thankful. It’s a sign that city officials have made good, balanced decisions in creating an atmosphere of progress.

That progress can be challenging a times, however, as the city has developed processes and procedures that are legal, that protect Lake Ozark citizens and visitors and that protect the many businesses that make Lake Ozark their home. There is validity in requiring such things as permits, building inspections and business licenses.

Simply put: If you plan to do business in Lake Ozark – or any incorporated community – there are certain steps that must be followed in order to be successful and meet legal and ethical obligations.

That’s why it’s so important to contact City of Lake Ozark officials for help in achieving those obligations well in advance of when your business plans to open. The process can seem overwhelming at times, but city officials on all levels are willing and able to help guide business owners and managers through the process. That prevents last-minute issues that could prevent a business from opening.

The city has no intention of keeping qualified businesses out of town, or preventing entrepreneurs from reaching their goals, or thwarting progress. There are rules to follow that nearly every successful business in the community understands and follows.

When businesses attempt to ignore or circumvent the rules, city officials have to help guide the process. There is fairness and equity in making those decisions. No business is ever singled out as officials simply do their due diligence in making sure the rules are followed, which is the expectation of the mayor and board of aldermen.

Equally important for developers and citizens to understand is that City of Lake Ozark employees are doing their jobs based on a legal set of standards and guidelines. The public doesn’t want public employees skirting the rules to benefit one business over another. 

So, please follow the rules and respect those who are required to enforce those rules.